My career began in software engineering, specifically for the web. With social skills uncharacteristic of engineers, I routinely found myself coming out of the cubicle to be the liaison between engineering and marketing teams. Bridging this communication gap lead to leadership roles, and I now find myself in the unique position of not only having the skills to design successful online marketing campaigns, but knowing the engineering effort necessary to execute. I am equally comfortable among engineering, marketing, or executive teams.


  • IT Director at one of the 10 largest renewable energy companies in California
  • San Diego Business Journal Information Technology Executive of the Year Award, 2013
  • Experienced in execution of strategic and tactical duties as a member of an executive team
  • Speaker at the Solar Focus 2014 conference, on workflow software for solar energy
  • Proven ability to build an IT department from the ground up, from infrastructure to staff
  • Featured in Forbes, Wired, Greentech, NYT, UT… for innovative work with Google Glass
  • I have valuable preexisting relationships with vendors and contractors in marketing and IT
  • I worked my way from intern to department manager of a leading software development firm
  • I am the president of San Diego Energy Storage, a local residential energy meetup group
  • I am the president of Quickbase San Diego, a local meetup on a workflow software platform


Online Marketing

  • Skilled in online marketing from strategy to execution, analysis, budgeting and staffing
  • I have experience purchasing media including TV, radio, online ads, videography and other
  • Ability to analyze and understand the psychology of visitors’ online habits
  • Proven and documented SEO domination resulting in millions of dollars in revenue
  • Expert in Adwords and other PPC including W3 Award nomination for effective messaging
  • Reporting in Google Analytics, Hitbox/Omniture, Optimost and other platforms
  • I have studied and tested Yelp’s algorithm in detail and have developed affective strategies
  • Member of San Diego Search Engine Marketing usergroup/community

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Masterful ability to dominate Google search results across multiple keywords and locations
  • 13+ years experience in SEO has given me a gut instinct for search algorithms
  • Expert in all elements of building a successful a long or short-term SEO strategy
  • I can produce countless live examples of my strategies achieving #1 ranking in Google
  • Personally passionate and obsessive about search engine placement
  • I take personal interest and pride in SEO; I consider a #1 rank to be a trophy


Designing for the Web

  • I love the art and science of designing online experiences around human behavior
  • Exceptional user experience and user interface design skills using evidence-based decisions
  • I have studied the psychology of user habits and techniques in funneling and achieving goals
  • Expert in lead generation, AB and multivariate testing and online behavior and patterns
  • Naturally talented in art and creativity across many media types; I have an eye for aesthetics
  • Extensive Photoshop experience; I have used Photoshop on a regular basis my entire career
  • Experience includes professional work in architectural 3D graphic design
  • Excellent videography and editing skills; I can personally shoot, edit and publish video
  • I have attended the premiere design conference, An Event Apart, numerous times

Video Production

  • I am capable of shooting, editing and producing professional-grade videography
  • I have excellent video editing skills; Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro
  • I shot and produced a Rachael Ray Show segment (Buffalo Ranch-giving, 2013, season 8)
  • Google Glass video, marketing video, blog
  • Experienced shot design; multiple cameras, lighting, angles
  • Knowledgeable in coaching subjects through interviews and script development


Client-Side Development

  • I have an extensive background in web development using various technologies
  • I was on the development team for Sony’s proprietary browser, Silk, for the Playstation 3
  • I know how to estimate, budget and execute front-end development projects of any size
  • Long standing member of San Diego HTML5 usergroup/community
  • I lived through IE6

Server-Side/Application Development

  • Educational background in Computer Science and software development
  • I was on the development team of one of the first cloud storage companies in the world
  • Proficient understanding of data, data types, and data structures
  • Educated and proficient in database theory and application
  • Experience in ASP, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, JSP, PHP …and other languages

Network and Systems

  • I currently oversee all network and systems infrastructure for a $30+ million company
  • Former owner and operator of Windows Server 2003 web hosting service
  • Experience managing staff and vendors supporting network infrastructure
  • Abilities in DNS, IIS, TCP/IP, SSL, SMTP, RDP…
  • Management of domain names, email, and other online systems
  • I know how to manage Google Apps for Business
  • Maintain seamless information and network link between satellite offices
  • Member of RefreshSD, a usergroup/community for IT professionals


Currently Employed As

Director of Information Technology at one of Southern California’s top solar power firms

  • Execution of executive functions as the Director of Information Technology
  • I participate in yearly and quarterly strategy, budgeting, staffing and goal-setting
  • I lead by example to promote the company’s core values
  • Uphold and enhance the company brand through technology
  • I manage the company’s online marketing efforts
  • Oversee all hardware and software efforts throughout company
  • I invent creative online marketing campaigns, design a strategy and execute
  • Development and execution of short and long-term goals
  • Reporting of all functions to the president and executive team
  • Representation of employer at public events


Front-End Development Lead, Marketing, for AIG’s life insurance division

  • Designed, managed, and executed online lead generation projects
  • Reported directly to Director of eCommerce/Internet Operations
  • Outline technical and functional design requirements
  • Lead in-house and out-sourced development teams
  • Plan revisions as appropriate to meet changing needs requirements
  • Implementation and reporting of marketing projects
  • Owner of technical aspects of all web-based initiatives
  • Acted as liaison between Marketing and Software Development
  • Administrator of Ingenuix Content Management System (CMS)


Web Development Engineer and User Interface Designer

  • Managed design and coding of all customer-facing UI’s
  • Worked with Marketing to design and build corporate website
  • Worked with Engineering to design and build client admin website
  • Programming in C#,, PHP and other languages
  • Managed search engine placement efforts
  • Filled many roles in start-up company with limited budget and staff
  • I was immersed in startup culture, and loved every moment of it

Epic Cycle Interactive

Front-End Development Engineer

  • Engineered HTML/CSS strategies for large interactive websites
  • Executed role as Project Lead for several major university websites
  • Developed client-side scripting for use in complex on-demand CMS
  • Worked closely with HTML/CSS team and software engineers
  • Assisted in development of company coding standards and policy
  • Met aggressive deadlines in ambitious, demanding environment

Sony Online Entertainment

Playstation 3 Gaming Console U.I. Development, Web Developer

  • Participated in European launch of Playstation 3 gaming system
  • Assisted in coding of Playstation3 U.I. for 23 languages
  • Localized U.I.’s to user specific language, culture and laws
  • Assisted in development of Sony’s proprietary browser – Silk
  • Developed XHTML for Sony’s new Playstation eCommerce site
  • Assisted in development of the Vanguard gaming website
  • Additional programming languages used include Java and Velocity

Cambarus Inc.

Owner and Operator

  • All types HTML layout – from basic HTML to precision XHTML
  • Correction of cross-browser rendering and display discrepancies
  • Complete SEO packages or rank improvement projects
  • JavaScript scripting or replacement of JavaScript with dynamic CSS
  • Low to mid level application and database programming
  • Full service website design, creation and hosting

Internet Strategy/1parkplace Inc.

Production Department Manager

  • Development of production assembly line policy and procedures
  • Managed production staff scheduling and project assignment
  • Coordinated local and offshore (India) outsourcing resources
  • Responsible for over-all performance of Production department

James Chagala & Associates Land Use Planning Consultants

2D and 3D Graphic Design

  • Creation of digital 3D virtual scale models from architectural specs
  • Creation of display documents and visual aids for use in presentations
  • Animations and virtual tours of 3D models in QuickTime and AVI

Software and Database Maintenance

  • Maintenance of shopping cart product database for eCommerce site
  • Updated database with new product information
  • Wrote detailed system performance reports and error logging


  • B.S. Computer Science (near completion), National University
  • Computer Science program, U.C.S.D. Extension
  • 16 month Computer Science certification, Coleman College
  • U.C.S.D. transfer program, Palomar College
  • An Event Apart Conference 2010, 2011, 2013


  • I volunteer as the Vendor Village Chair for San Diego Fleetweek’s Coronado Speedfest
  • I am a competitive runner, ran a 1:30 at the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon 2014
  • I am a vegan and all-around healthy eater. I am a proponent of local, organic food.
  • Meditation is a big part of my life. I joined my meditation group around 10 years ago.

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