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I’m thrilled to have been invited to speak at the Maryland DC Virginia Solar Energy Industries Association Solar Focus 2014 conference in Washington DC. Also known as MDV-SEIA, its members come from all areas of the solar industry, from marketing, to installers, to finance. It’s an honor to be selected to speak in front of such an esteemed group.

I will be part of the New Technologies and Developments panel and speak on my experience developing business software on the Quickbase platform. Quickbase is a cloud workspace that lets anyone from non-technical, to technical, build their own applications. I will also touch on our Google Glass app and some plans for our website.

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I’m heading out a day early to take some much-deserved vacation time to see DC. My hotel appears to be within walking distance of nearly everything. Maybe shoot yet another video my coworkers will say I’m awkward in…

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